players need to follow the rules and adhere to the prohibitions set by the organizers of each specific quest, and also provides a set of general recommendations for clients.
Rules for visiting quests
Rules for visiting quests and performances
Quests, performances and action games is prohibited:

1. Stay indoors without a medical mask.

2. Participate in the game in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

3. Take photos and videos, as well as use any gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) during the game. You will be asked to check them in the storage room before the game.

4. Use brute force against the actors / staff, causing harm to the quest props.
Dress code:
Features of scary quests:

quests with performance elements are contraindicated for small children, pregnant women, people with an unstable psyche; persons with cardiovascular and any other diseases that may affect the passage of the game; those who are afraid of darkness, blood, exposure and the type of shockers, "used effects".
To participate in quests recommend comfortable clothing and shoes (strictly without heels, skirts and other wardrobe items constraining movement), as it is assumed an active movement (running, jumping, climbing) on the playing area during the game, and sometimes there are unexpected and difficult places and transitions, so it is worth listening to the recommendations of the quest administrator when confirming your reservation.
We recommend booking quests on our website in advance to make sure that your game session will take place on time, and the staff will prepare the location for your arrival.
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